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About TEAM Unlimited LLC


Conceived, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii -- TEAM Unlimited LLC is a Hawaii based company that has no qualms with spreading its wings.  Acting as a modern-day Magellan, this company circumnavigates the globe to impart the social, mental and physical benefits of getting active outdoors.

The origins of TEAM (Television, Events and Marketing) came about in 1988, when founder and CEO Tom Kiely was asked to amplify television exposure for the Hawaiian Islands.  He responded by generating and filming an ocean sport competition, the Hawaiian International Ocean Challenge – a fun to watch, action-packed event that simultaneously highlighted the gorgeous Hawaiian landscapes.  The result was phenomenal – the audience, the athletes and the sponsors all wanted more…

T is for Television

To date, TEAM has created more than 265 television programs, with topics ranging from surfing the infamous “Jaws” and base-jumping from extreme heights to the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira and sand skiing.  It also sits as the largest producer of Hawaii television shows -- more than 340 episodes that stream close to 8,500 hours of action in the islands.  The programs are seen across the country through syndication on networks including: CBS Sports, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN and Outdoor Life Network.  The industry is taking note to TEAM TV LLC as well; accolades include 2 national Emmy Award nominations, 3 regional Emmy Awards and 42 Telly Awards. 

E is for Events

The success of the Hawaii made-for-television event was a catalyst for TEAM Unlimited LLC to create XTERRA – now the fastest-growing event brand in the world.  Today, this action-packed, off-road version of the triathlon (swim, mountain bike, trail run) has more than 300 events in 32 countries and is still growing.  The events culminate at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui, Hawaii. 

The XTERRA Trail Run Series is an offshoot from the multisport and boasts nearly 85+ races across the US, with distances ranging from 5 to 42 kilometers.  These fun off-road trail races are a “one-size-fits-all” event for any age and skill level of runner. 

And M is for Marketing

Back in 1997, TEAM first transported its Hawaii model of ‘sports fueling tourism’ abroad when it created Action Sports New Zealand.  This consisted of four one-hour television shows featuring athletic endeavors in New Zealand, including: white water rafting, rugby, glacier walking, and less common ones like “skreeing”, “caving” and “heli-skiing”. 

The success of Action Sports New Zealand proved that the fusion of adventure and destination advertising was a winning combination, financially and beyond.  TEAM Unlimited LLC holds a fervent conviction that outdoor-adventures universally benefit participants and spectators alike. 

To illustrate, XTERRA Saipan, the “Crown Jewel of XTERRA”, attracts competitors from countries including: Japan, China, Europe, Korea and New Zealand.  Participants receive undeniable health benefits from racing and the event enables them to visit this diamond-in-the-rough country.  At the same time, this weekend affair raises tourism dollars for Saipan while increasing its visibility as a destination for adventures the whole family can enjoy.

Another event that TEAM created and filmed with the purpose of destination marketing is The Nevada Passage.  A week-long competition venturing to the far corners of the Silver State to do activities such as: jet ski, mountain bike and run, race autocross, compete in a rodeo, race handcars and shoot for the land speed record on custom-made bikes.  Ten teams of people, paired by occupation, were chosen for this one of a kind adventure.

As more and more shows are created and viewed, the opportunities for TEAM proliferate. 

Destination bureaus and tourism agencies are constantly seeking new avenues to spotlight their destination.  After seeing a show such as XTERRA Saipan, many have been intrigued and solicit TEAM to take the action sports model to them.

By marketing the principle of “LIVE MORE” in Hawaii and across the globe, TEAM does a great service of inspiring people to better themselves.  Aptly named, TEAM Unlimited LLC is just that – the TEAM “ohana” is a group of passionate people who see no limits.  Forever seeking new opportunities, partnerships and adventures, TEAM Unlimited LLC continues to take pride in spreading its vision of health and happiness with Aloha to the world.